Cold Press Oils: Back to Ancient Way

Raw food consumption by our ancestors - Modernization & fast food - Again back to old ways

We all need good & simple food to be fit & balanced. Our ancestors used to consume most of the food raw, this has many benefits like; all the natural nutrients are retained, which otherwise will be destroyed when heated. Same is with the oil which we use every day for cooking.

Modernization or globalization has made us available all the world foods in our supermarket and now on our fingertips via PC & mobile phones to order online. The technological advances that humans made have also been used to improve food making process, to make it fast & improve shelf life. When these foods are processed to make Fast Foods or Ready to Eat foods do we really care how they are made or processed?

Let’s take the case of our everyday need, cooking oil. Today we prefer ‘Refined oil’ which is clear (light colour) with fantastic packaging. The refining process is done by heating the crude oil at high temperature, in this process all the natural nutrients are destroyed. Then its bleached using chemicals, means removing colour pigments to get lighter colour. Then it’s deodorized, the natural aroma of the oil is removed.

” The cold pressed oil retains all its natural characteristics like the nutrients, the original colour, the original aroma & the original taste; completely RAW “

In the cold press, oil seeds are churned at room temperature, no heating at all. In this process too, due to friction some heat is produced. The wooden crusher (wooden kachi ghani) overcome this problem. In case, metal crusher is used it will again produce heat. So the wooden churned cold pressed oil retains all its natural characteristics; natural nutrients, original colour, original aroma & original taste; completely raw as the nature has offered us. It’s healthy, tasty and rich with useful fats (mono unsaturated fats & poly unsaturated fats) necessary for our body.

We can use these raw oils for our skin care too, depending upon our skin type. E.g. sesame oil is extensively used in Ayurveda, aromatherapy & for body massage. Different oils have different applications & health benefits. The secret is, use it RAW.

Nature has a fine balance of ingredients that are readily absorbed by our body. Nature is the best chemist to combine different natural chemicals in a seed or fruit or vegetable or any food. Why to disturb it & experiment when we have best formula available. We want to change everything, our mind want to change everything; but does our body want that change? It just wants simple & fresh food. So accept the natural formula like our ancestors did & consume it for good health.

” What we consume the body reacts to it, Good Input Good Output; Bad Input Bad Output “

Have we thought why after so many technological & medical advancements the overall health of world population is deteriorating, more diseases, cancer & other ailments? We hear every other day; some celebrity or known person has detected cancer or some rare ailment.

We are doing something wrong! Yes pollution and many other factors we can’t control, but we can definitely decide what to consume. What we consume the body reacts to it, good input good output; bad input bad output. Just Think!

Eat Raw, Natural & Healthy.