“Make Your Life Active Again”

Who doesn't want quality & healthy food. The more we are progressing in technological terms the more we are going away from real & natural food. Today's fast life demands fast food, nutrition takes a back seat. We don't have any idea what we are consuming or from where our food has come & cooked under which conditions. Even if we have food at very good & reputed restaurant; they don't have control over raw material. They are not bothered how the vegetables, fruits & grains are grown or how the oil is made. They buy it from the market what is available, so do we.

Here lies the real problem; we use to consume raw & fresh stuff, raw desi cow milk, raw honey, raw sugar ( Jaggery, unbleached), raw oil etc; which was healthy and chemical free. But thanks to globalization, today everything is refined & packaged. Today majority of problems are LIFESTYLE PROBLEMS self imposed by us, due to our bad eating habits & the quality of food; rather than some external disease.

We want clean food without chemicals, with high nutritional value so that our current & future generation will not be harmed due to these harmful chemicals. Our body need clean & simple food. We are committed to benefit the consumers as well as the farmers. We are trying to encourage farmers to go for natural Eco-friendly farming methods; as not only the food produced with hazardous pesticides get contaminated but the soil too. Year after year the soil looses its ability to retain nutrition due to overuse of artificial fertilizers & pesticides. As Eco-friendly farming becomes the norm the cost of organic farming will come down & so will the cost of organic products.

Let's know about the oil we consume daily. Refined oil, how its made or extracted? Refined oil is extracted by the process know as solvent extraction. It involves use of harmful chemicals (Hexane, a petroleum byproduct). Its heated around 200 °C which destroys all nutrition & the aroma is gone, then its bleached & decolourised to look more clear.

RawNH oil is cold pressed in wooden press without heating, hence all the original nutritional value is retained. Also the original aroma, colour & taste too is retained.

Hence what our earlier generation used from millennia is worth using again.



Going back to our roots, our mission is to offer & promote healthy sustainable lifestyle with our range of natural products. Majority of today's health related problems or diseases are lifestyle problems which are self induced. Hence if we can provide clean & healthy option to everybody these problems can be controlled & eliminated. We want to give the best of nature & health benefits to our consumers.



We want to provide a healthy option for all & want to be market leaders in supplying natural healthy products. We want to set a benchmark for quality & the best practices in our segment. Making available the best produce from farmers to the consumers, thus benefiting farmer income as well as consumer health. Resiliently promoting farmers for sustainable farming in order to protect the ecology.